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Alyanakian Avocats

Stratégie contentieuse et médiation

Experience and know-how

Founded in 2004, Alyanakian Avocats is an independant and "tailor-made" law firm that assists companies, shareholders and senior executives in the optimised resolution of risk situations. 


Alyanakian Avocats' know-how is expressed in the following areas:

  • Litigation, crises or complex governance transformations involving managers and/or shareholders,

  • Political or financial disputes between security holders and issuers,

  • Pre or post-acquisition/investment/LBO disputes,

  • Civil and criminal liability of executives, 

  • Optimised termination of directorships and/or employment contracts of senior executives - Exit from the capital - Renegotiation of management packages,

  • Complex contractual disputes,

  • Unfair competition.


To this end, Alyanakian Avocats implements its innovative ResolutionValueTM solution, accelerating strategic diagnosis and dispute resolution.

Since 2012, Alyanakian Avocats' expertise in business litigation, mediation and representation of executives has been praised every year in the reference guides "Legal 500" and/or "Décideurs".

Our difference: 
An "augmented" law firm

The key success factors of Alyanakian Avocats are :

  • a personalised relationship with the client, focused on solutions, ethics and P&L

  • agile teams in response to the hyper-specialisation of the law;

  • integrated skills in litigation, mediation, modelling, finance and human relations;

  • in-depth supervision of each case by its founder, Jean-Vasken Alyanakian, a litigation and advisory lawyer for more than 22 years, certified mediator and graduate of HEC.


From this 360° know-how was born the ResolutionValueTM solution, developed by the Alyanakian Avocats, making it an "augmented" law firm.


The value brought to the firm's clients by the ResolutionValueTM solution is threefold:

  • to minimise the classic disadvantages of litigation: uncertainty, material and immaterial costs, delay;

  • to provide the customers with the control of the resolution process;

  • to offer them a value-creating solution in consideration of their expectations.

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