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Alyanakian Avocats assists managers and management structures in securing and optimising their status as corporate officers or executives:

  • optimisation of corporate mandates and employment contracts: variable remuneration clauses and other recurring incentives, non-competition clauses;

  • optimisation of the conditions of entry into the capital: assistance to the executive in the formalisation of his personal, financial and legal issues; assistance in the negotiation of the management package in all its aspects (definition of performance objectives; definition of products giving access to the capital such as stock options, BSPCE, BSA-AIR, free shares, dry shares, etc.). etc. ;

  • optimising the conditions of exit from the capital: assistance in negotiating the terms of exit from the capital, often correlating with the loss of the status of director ("top-down" exits).


Mediation is a very effective tool for optimising the conditions for exercising governance when there are conflicting interests, for reorganising governance or for defining the conditions for the exit of directors decided jointly (i.e. not unilaterally / not in conflict):

  • redefinition and adjustment of agendas in consideration of the personal issues of managers, reference or minority shareholders;

  • renegotiation of shareholders' agreements in consideration of the hidden or insufficiently defined objectives and interests of stakeholders;

  • redefining the rules of governance.

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