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Alyanakian Avocats assists executives holding corporate offices and/or employment contracts in the event of amicable or contentious termination, whether optimised or not, of their professional relationships:

  • amicable termination of a corporate mandate / "exit from the company", judicial challenge of the revocation of a corporate mandate before the Commercial Court;

  • amicable or judicial termination of employment contracts: contractual termination, contestation of dismissal before the Labour Court, termination of employment contract, judicial termination, etc. ;

  • tax and social optimisation of the conditions of negotiated termination of the corporate mandate and/or employment contract;

  • optimisation of pension issues, in particular top-hat pensions in the event of termination of a corporate mandate and/or employment contract;


Mediation is a very effective tool for anticipating crises or deadlocks in which management structures and executives whose exit is being considered, regardless of who initiated it, sometimes find themselves.

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