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The value-creating solution

The ResolutionValueTM solution is a strategic diagnostic and dispute resolution acceleration tool designed and implemented by Alyanakian Avocats.

It makes the most of law, mediation and technology:
  • by a modelled resolution of the dispute in all its components;

  • by offering the company control over its legal risk and its P&L;

  • towards a more efficient, more ethical solution, creating material and/or immaterial value.

  • par une résolution optimisée et modélisée du litige ;

  • en offrant à l’entreprise la maîtrise de son risque judicaire et de son P&L ;

  • vers une solution plus efficace, plus éthique, créatrice de valeur matérielle et/ou immatérielle.

It is the result of a meeting between :
  • the lawyer's profession in its purest tradition of jurist, litigator, negotiator;

  • the ambition to be the "augmented" lawyer who knows how to respond to today's decision-makers;

  • the technical skills of today's "augmented" lawyer: finance, technology, modelling, mediation and other alternative dispute resolution methods.

It is supervised by a lawyer:
  • both litigator and mediator;

  • knowing how to integrate the constraints and opportunities of legal hyperspecialisation and quantitative analysis;

  • assisted by a team of specialised "tailor-made" lawyers, dedicated to the implementation of this solution in all its components.

The strategic contribution of the ResolutionValueTM solution

Modelling maximises the chances of achieving a cost-effective and value-creating solution

Litigation or mediation is controlled and no longer undergone, nor regarded as random

Controlling risk and P&L secures the company and its shareholders

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