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Certificate of inter-company mediation (2019, CMAP Paris)

Certificate of aptitude for the legal profession (2000, EHDAC Versailles)

Master's degree in private law (1997, Paris X Nanterre - Legal Careers)

HEC School (1993, Jouy-En-Josas, Grand Ecole diploma - Finance)

Baccalaureate C and HEC preparatory classes (1988-1990, Collège Stanislas, Paris)

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Jean-Vasken Alyanakian founded Alyanakian Avocats in 2004, after some years of experience at Bredin Prat.

He assists his clients in resolving disputes relating to corporate governance, equity transactions and commercial relations. He regularly advises on the termination of corporate offices and/or employment contracts of senior executives, including capital exit "from above".

Jean-Vasken Alyanakian advises executives on a daily basis on the conditions of their entry into office: type of governance, access to capital, etc.


As a litigator and negotiator, Jean-Vasken Alyanakian defends the interests of his clients before the courts but also in mediation according to the principles taught at the Paris Mediation and Arbitration Centre (CMAP), of which he is certified and where he intervenes as an approved mediator and contributor.


Jean-Vasken Alyanakian is officially registered on the lists of the Courts of Appeal of Paris and Rouen, and is also approved by the Mediation Centre of the Paris Bar (AME).


Jean-Vasken Alyanakian is a member of the HEC groups Governance Managers and Directors, Business Banking, Capital Development and Entreprendre. He is a member of the ETHIC - Entreprises de taille humaine indépendantes et de croissance movement (President of the Legal and Fiscal Commission). He is a member of the ACE - Association Avocats Conseils d'Entreprise and of the Palais Bourguignon, President of the AFAJA - French Association of Lawyers of Armenian Origin.

Agile, highly specialised teams

Jean-Vasken Alyanakian, a lawyer and mediator,

22 years of commercial, corporate gouvernance and employment litigation  

réunion d'affaires

Within the framework of the implementation of the ResolutionValueTM solution, the team is systematically sized in consideration of the level of legal hyperspecialisation expected.


The contributors to the ResolutionValueTM solution are therefore lawyers highly specialised in their respective fields, recognised as such on the Paris market, whether within Alyanakian Avocats or within partner firms, all specialised, covering the key areas of business life: specialised contractual law, unfair competition, equity transactions, shareholders' agreements, financial law, financing, bonds and other securities giving access to capital, collective proceedings; individual labour relations law, social security and welfare law; intellectual and artistic property law as well as industrial property law.   


The implementation of the ResolutionValueTM solution may require the intervention of technical experts alongside the lawyers, in support of the strategic diagnosis or in the dispute resolution phase, for example in finance, accounting, company and asset valuation (chartered accountants, auditors and contribution auditors, independent valuers); administrative management of industrial property rights with French and foreign offices (industrial property counsel). 


The firm has the capacity to project itself abroad, in litigation as well as in consulting, thanks to the privileged relationships it has developed with international or local law firms with a strong reputation in a number of key countries.


In all these cases, Alyanakian Avocats retains the supervision and in-depth control of the cases entrusted to it within the framework of the ResolutionValueTM solution, ensuring in particular that the dynamics of the case and the objectives predefined with its clients are respected.

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