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Alyanakian Avocats is regularly involved in the development and implementation of pre-litigation strategies to preserve its clients' rights. When the opportunity arises to intervene at an early stage of a problem (for example, before any formal notice is served), Alyanakian Avocats takes particular care to identify a coherent and lasting position of strength in the interests of its clients. This method requires a close partnership between Alyanakian Avocats and its clients; but it systematically reinforces their rights in the perspective of a negotiation or a possible litigation.


The definition of the right pre-litigation strategy and the care taken in its implementation are the result of know-how developed over time, which Alyanakian Avocats has seen succeed over the long term in its areas of excellence.

In all areas of business law or labor law, the firm favours and promotes, whenever possible, the use of alternative dispute resolution methods, in particular mediation. 


In matters of governance and/or equity, mediation is a very effective tool for anticipating crises or deadlocks in which management structures and shareholders, particularly investment funds or family offices, sometimes find themselves, to the detriment of the company:

  • identification, redefinition and adjustment of exit agendas of reference shareholders or minority shareholders, or even managers;

  • renegotiation of shareholders' agreements in consideration of the hidden or insufficiently defined objectives and interests of the reference shareholders

  • redefinition of governance rules;

  • "Exit from above" of shareholders;

  • Exit of corporate officers (shareholders or not).


Jean-Vasken Alyanakian intervenes in this case as the mediated party's lawyer, facing other parties who are also assisted, within the framework of a mediation conducted by a Mediator.

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